Comms by the Coast 2017

Comms by the Coast 2017 was on Thursday 3 August & Friday 4 August.

Thursday was be a structured day of speakers from Unions and outside our little bubble. Friday combined website user groups meetings and a fairly unstructured afternoon which allows attendees to talk about topics they’re interested in based on the unconference format.

View the agenda.

How can I help?

I’m available for freelance projects where I can help you communicate with your members, staff, volunteers, customers and any other important people.

My favourite areas to work on are:

  • social media, e.g. working with you to analyse what you’re doing, setting up profiles or advising how can could better use social media
  • email marketing, e.g. setting up, designing, writing or reviewing email newsletters
  • writing, e.g. editing your existing text, drafting new content or reviewing your website content
  • digital project management, e.g. overhauling your website

I can help you out by:

  • training your staff and volunteers so they can make better use of digital tools
  • consulting on individual projects to give you my advice and get you started
  • providing ongoing support if you need me to manage a project such as a website redesign
  • being an extra pair of hands during busy times or while you have vacant posts

I can be flexible to suit your needs and how you’d like to work together. I’d love to chat about how we can work together so please do get in touch –

This event was sponsored by Alterline & MSL

The MSL System provides all the digital solutions needed to support your student engagement activities including websites, mobile app, clubs & societies tools, Student Group Finances, online elections, volunteering, venue management, e-commerce and student case management for your advice and advocacy service – today, over 50% of higher education students in the UK have access to services provided through the MSL System. The MSL team will be on hand during Comms By The Coast to chat to you about your engagement objectives and challenges.

Alterline are a creative market research agency who specialise in understanding students and their lives. Our projects are varied, but one thing that unites them is our vision:

“To improve the lives of students, using evidence about their lives to drive innovation and positive change in higher education.”

Founded six years ago, Alterline has dedicated itself to understanding the student experience, tackling a wide variety of issues faced by students. This has included exploring a wide range of topics, including NSS Q26, strategic planning, segmentation, teaching and learning experiences, employability, campus spaces and facilities, digital services, and mental health.

We use our experience and skills in conducting research to work with our students’ union clients to address key business issues, innovate, and drive change and growth. We connect and engage with those in the sector by demonstrating our experience and knowledge of challenges and priorities that they care about, and by the strategic and relevant design of our research. We have worked with over 40 students’ unions and would love to talk to you about the things that matter to you and your students.